Q1- If I do take you up on your offer of a free audit on my telecom’s, how does it work?
A- All audits are broken down into two parts;
1. An analysis on your calls rates and fixed line costs. By sending us a copy of a recent phone bill, we are able to provide you a comparison report showing what you pay today along side what you would pay with the services provided by TSi clearly outlining the potential savings.
2. The second part of the audit would be looking at how you currently communicate and then provide any possible cost effective alternative solutions….i.e. saving cost on your maintenance contract by changing provider.

Q2-I want to move my services on my BT Onebill over to TSi, Firstly does it cost? Secondly do I still keep the same telephone numbers?
A- Switching your services over to TSi are free of charge. You do keep all of your current telephone numbers.

Q3- Can I view a breakdown of my telephone bill online?
A- Yes. On the top right-hand side of our website we have a tab called ‘View My Bill’ this is the link to Abillity TSi’s online billing portal.

Q4- How are you able to maintain my old BT phone system cheaper than BT?
A- At TSi we have access to spare stock and refurbished parts for most of the old BT phone systems. Our maintenance / support services are very completive within the market place.