Carbon Neutral Green Minutes

Telecom Solutions International like most businesses are doing all we can to be a greener organisation is all the usual ways- We recycle, We try to re-use, We save energy in our offices and Create little waste.

The good news is now TSi are able to confirm that we are providing our customers with telephone calls that are delivered over the Greenest network in the UK.

Gamma was the first UK carrier to have a net zero carbon footprint for all calls carried across their network providing ‘Green Minutes’ All calls and minutes made buy our customers on lines provided by TSi are carried across our partners Gamma Telecom’s network and have a net zero carbon footprint so in effect using Green Minutes’

Each year our network partner’s carbon footprint is independently assessed looking at electricity bills and volumes for the amount of energy used in transporting telephone calls across the network.

Working with The Carbon Neutral Company to offset this carbon footprint, our partner purchases carbon credits. Every 1 tonne of C)” is neutralised by 1 tonne, which is saved somewhere else in the world by a climate friendly project that wound not have happened without carbon credit investment. Projects that the carbon credits are being used on include the Sichuan Province Hydro Power Project in China and a Wind Power Project in India.

Another enabler is providing carbon-neutral ‘Green Minutes’ in the IP based soft-switching in our partner’s core network. This technology has allowed us to move our customers away from a power-hungry hardware based telephony infrastructure to a much more software driven environment, which uses far less power. Continued investment in the technology has enabled the reduction of the mean power consumption per telephone call minute carried each year, even as call traffic has increased over the same period.

The resulting combination of a lower annual power consumption and the carbon offset programme means that TSi is enabling our customers to use the Greenest telephone network in the UK each and every time they make a telephone call.

Our benefits

  • Buy into an environmentally friendly Solution.
  • Ideal solution for organisations that are required to meet key Green objectives.
  • No Greener way to communicate in the UK.

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