Fibre Internet Now Avalible With TSi – Download Speeds Of Up to 80mb

“Fibre to the Cabinet” also known as FTTC is now available with TSi!

Fibre Optic Cable is being installed from the telephone exchange to the street side telephone cabinet and is used to deliver communications such as broadband, digital TV and telephone. Fibre Optic cable is able to offer much faster speeds than copper wire, and much more bandwidth than copper wires are able to cope with which is why Fibre Broadband is the future to next generation broadband.

  • Fibre broadband is our latest addition to our business broadband range of services, offering download speeds of up to 80Mb, as well as new faster upload rates of up to 10Mb with our standard product and up to 20Mb with Fibre Plus.
  • With such high upload and download speeds you can send large documents, upload to FTP sites and generally do more, twice as fast. You can easily run multiple applications simultaneously without slowing your work down. You can also ensure your data is backed up instantly.
  • In addition to the new higher speeds of fibre broadband, our service also includes business prioritisation of traffic which means that during busy hours, 90% of the time the throughput should not be lower than 26Mb.
  • Minimum line download speed of 35Mpbs
  • File download and upload in seconds (quicker back-up, etc)
  • No delay in bringing up Internet pages
  • Lower call costs by taking advantage of VoIP delivered over Fibre
  • Starting from only £22.99 per month
  • The use of multi-media and conferencing facilities will improve with higher download and upload speeds as will the use of live (legal) streaming services

Find out if you’re in a FTTC area now


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